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Aiming to Be the Best (For my clients)

Your property, my commitment.

The brief history of my professional career

After a brief stint in the youth sector of Juventus Football Club and an experience abroad in Cambridge, United Kingdom, I returned to Italy and shifted my focus to property management for rentals. 

This experience deepened my passion for real estate, motivating me to further enhance my skills in this field with the aim of achieving a professional qualification.

I embarked on my career at La Tour Real Estate Agency, a company with over 35 years of history in the Aosta Valley. 

Here, I undertook and continue to perform a variety of tasks within the organization. Over time, I had the opportunity to develop my expertise in the residential, tourism, and commercial sectors, obtaining accreditation as a real estate agent under the REA Number: 81515.

My specialization involves acquiring properties that are meticulously examined, verified, and appraised in order to present them to the market at a reasonable and competitive price. 

My approach aims to identify distinctive strengths on which to build an effective advertising strategy, facilitating the purchasing process by proactively addressing potential technical and bureaucratic challenges that may arise prior to the final deed.


Mission &


Redefine the real estate experience through unwavering dedication, innovative strategies, and personalized service.

As a young and ambitious real estate agent, I am committed to exceeding expectations, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and cultivating lasting relationships.

By seamlessly connecting buyers with their dream homes and sellers with optimal returns, I aim to be the catalyst for transformative real estate journeys. 

My passion drives me to constantly learn, adapt, and elevate industry standards, ensuring that every client’s vision is not only realized but surpassed. 


Be the foremost choice for those seeking a dynamic, forward-thinking real estate partner in Aosta Valley.

I aspire to redefine industry standards, setting new benchmarks for innovation, integrity, and client satisfaction. Envisioning a future where every property transaction is a seamless and empowering experience, I strive to be a beacon of excellence.

My vision extends beyond transactions; I seek to shape the very landscape of real estate, creating a legacy of unparalleled service, innovation, and lasting impact.

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