I'm Fabio, Licensed Real Estate Agent in Aosta Valley

Safely buy or sell your property in Aosta Valley.

I am well aware of the challenges involved in purchasing or selling a home in Italy, particularly for foreigners. My purpose here is precisely to assist you in navigating this intricate process with professionalism and expertise.

Fabio Balbis

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Over 35 years of experience.

The buying and selling of a property in Italy involves complex operations that require specific professional expertise. 

I will guide you through every step of the sale, up to the notarial deed.

For Buyers

I will help you in identifying the right home for you, preparing the contract to submit the offer, and ensuring the successful completion of the transaction and payment.

For Sellers

I will assist you in accurately assessing the property, ensure that all documents are in order, professionally showcase the house on the market, and represent you during negotiations.


Due Diligence

Investigation of the legitimate status of the property and verification of documentation.

Valuation Services

To compete effectively in the market, expedite sales, and achieve optimal financial returns.

Photography Service

To differentiate itself in the market, contributing to capturing the attention of buyers and presenting the property in an appealing manner.

Mediation & Negotiation

To competently manage negotiations, smoothing out any potential disputes fairly, and preventing them from becoming insurmountable obstacles to the sale.

Contracts & Legal Documents

To ensure a smooth real estate transaction by establishing a solid legal foundation for the deal.

Perhaps you only need a rough online estimate for a property you are looking to sell or purchase?

I Deliver Measurable Results

It's not a promise, but it's what will be, here's a concrete example.

Managing the sale of a property is a nuanced process that defies standardization and can’t be attributed solely to scale dynamics. Instead, it entails a crucial moment of attentive communication and comparison with individual counterparts. This is due to the unique characteristics inherent to each property, setting them apart from one another.

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What My Clients Say

“I met Fabio during the sale of my property. As soon as we reached an agreement on the mediation, Fabio and his colleagues from La Tour agency ‘put into motion a lethal machine,’ and in a few months, they succeeded where others had failed, successfully completing the sale. I had come from other ‘troubled’ experiences with local real estate agencies that had deeply disappointed me. Fabio presented himself as a mediator and did so gracefully and ‘on tiptoe,’ without ever being intrusive and presumptuous, as other real estate mediators often tend to be. Always punctual and precise, he professionally guided me from the first to the last day, thus achieving the goal I had set for myself. Well done, congratulations… keep it up!”

Marco Theodor Wurm - Actual Review from Linkedin

“Serious and competent professionals, I was assisted in a precise, punctual, and transparent manner throughout the various steps of the buying and selling process, from the first inspection to the final deed. If you are looking for a serious and high-quality agency, you have found it!”

Javes Milani - Actual Review from Google

“11 months of excellent work carried out with great dedication and professionalism by the entire team for a dual, complex sale during a critical period, due to the pandemic! Goal achieved! Thank you.”

Alberto Sartori - Actual Review from Google
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